Sunday, October 25, 2009

Affirmations for Belief Change

Lately have been struggling to change myself, to bring some changes in my life, to improve, to set free of certain baggage, limitations. Was trying to figure how to create scaffold to ensure that I do change this time, and not just ride the change wave for few days and then forget.

Then just few days ago was thinking about Beliefs, and then Values and Virtues - it struck that my thoughts are working in cycles. This is actually common sense, but when one is in rushing water (life in this case), its difficult to have a clear sense. Anyway I realized it, and it felt like that instead of just reminding myself and trying to change my thoughts, I really should be working on my incorrect Beliefs, inculcate better Values, and implement more Virtues in by life.

Strangely, since then have come across lots of stuff that help me get started. So sharing all encountered till now, in the same order...
  1. First I encountered Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) - a form of psychotherapy created by Albert Ellis in the 1950's.
  2. Then encountered this post by Steve Pavlina - Remove a Limiting Belief in About 20 Minutes
  3. Tried one of Morty Lefkoe's Recreate Your Life free belief change  Encountered Affirmation CD site, and watched the video 'It Comes From Me'
  4. Then also watched Affirmation 2006. It has Savage Garden's Affirmation song in background (lyrics here)

All the above set of events have been quite interesting. I went from state of cluelessness, and somewhat confusion - to sense of clarity along with quite some inspiration. Thanks to all those who have shared this stuff on net.

Hope this helps others.

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