Friday, November 06, 2009

Loss of Lumbar Lordosis

For many years, I had this problem that I could not sit for long without back support.

Since this almost always coincided with sitting cross legged, I thought that it was because I don't have habit of sitting cross-legged for long.

When I started doing Yog, I ended up sitting cross-legged long for about 1-2 hours. Overtime I also added Yog aasana into the routine, especially the back exercises. However, to my surprise there was not much improvement, thougt I had much releif. Still my case seemed that of an extreme.

So I visited orthpaedic doctor recently, and he got Lumbar Spine x-ray done. It was found that I had problem of 'Loss of Lumbar Lordosis'. The doctor, after discussion, concluded that this could mostly be because of the nature of work, of sitting for hours on chair, and not in the perfect ergonomic back support posture, and not taking proper breaks. He also told that it may set in earlier or later depending persons body constitution.

Loss of Lumbar lordosis is the state when the lower end curve of the spine (the lordosis), starts loosing its curve. This lower end curve is also called 'sway' and this problem is also called 'Sway back' and also 'Flat back'. The back is actually curved and forms a kind of spring to bear allow kinds of jerks we get all life long, and also protects the nerves running down.

He told that this problem has no medicinal remedy and solution is only Yog, and for temporary relief Diathermy and some massge/vibrations to of spine vertebrates.

So I want to share, that for people like us, its of utmost importance that we:
  1. Sit in upright posture, with proper lower back support
  2. Take break from chair for at least 1 min every 30 to 45 mins
  3. Daily do the very essential essential minimum back aasana/postures - Bhujanga aasana, Shashaka aasana (these two were told by the Doctor's therapist, but there are many more simple ones like - simple Dhanur aasana, simple Setubandh aasana, simple Ushtra aasana*)
  4. Ensure that you get adequate calcium, and also other essential vitamins and nutrients

* the word simple indicates that there is a simple and full form of the posture. The simple ones are simple for everyone. Full forms can be done by ones who do it with care, and prior experience of the simple ones, and their body has started stretching.

Take care of your back.

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  1. Thanks a lot for your effort in writing ur experience. I could find some answers to my similar problem. Will try to implement.