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Bharat Swabhiman Trust's letter to all political parties

Just came across this letter, sent by Acharya Balkrishna for Bharat Swabhiman Trust, to all the political parties in India:  [Goanet] Fw: Bharat Swabhiman (Trust)

Reproducing contents here, incase its removed from mail archive server...

[Goanet] Fw: Bharat Swabhiman (Trust)

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Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2009 7:12 PM
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Administrative Office: Patangali Yogpeeth, Maharshi Dayanand Gram, Near Bahadrabad, Haridwar - 249402, Uttarakhand, India Tel: 01334-244107, 240008, 246737 - Fax: 01334-244805, 240664 - Email:


Sl.No.: .........                Dated: 26th January, 2009

Respected Sir/Madam,

On this historic and pious occasion and in foretime of impending general elections of Lok Sabha, we on behalf of millions of nationalists, patriotic, valiant, sensitive and awakened Indians would like to know from your party which is representative & custodian of democracy in India, as to whether it will field nominees who are patriotic, honest, educated and responsible citizens or the corrupt, dishonest criminal, illiterate and irresponsible ones?

In national interest, we will fervently await an early reply from you. If we are unable to get a reply from you, we will be constrained to think that your party demonstrates disrespect to high ideals and values of democracy by fielding corrupt, dishonest, criminal, illiterate and irresponsible people as candidates in the coming Lok Sabha election. We equate such deeds as national crime.

Sir/Madam, let us admit here with both candour and politeness that if you party do disrespect ideals and values of democracy by choosing tainted, dishonest, criminal, illiterate, irresponsible and self-seeking people as your party's nominees, we will be forced to socially boycott your party at national level through all nationalist organisations and millions of patriotic, sensitive and awakened Indians under our national obligations.

On the other hand, if your party plumps for patriotic, honest, literate and responsible people as election candidates, we will act for the moral support of all nationalist organizations and inspire millions of the country's voters to exercise their franchise positively.

We only expect that your party will field candidates in consonance with national and constitutional responsibilities and welfare of the country vis-'a-vis refrain from choosing corrupt, dishonest, criminal, illiterate and irresponsible elements. You, by following the same, will be abiding by your 'Rashtra Dharam' (National Duty) and thereby protecting the pride and feelings of millions of Indians, steeped in patriotic fervor.

Please find enclosed herewith a booklet, 'Jeevan Darshan', which encapsulates the Philosophy, Objectives and Principles of Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) for your ready reference.

  Once again, wishing you a very happy Republic Day.

Yours truly, For Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) Sd/- (Acharya Balkrishnan) General Secretary

Enclosed: As above
President/General Secretary
Goa Su-Raj Party
383-A, Pirazona, Moira,

(Letter Head)   Goa Su-Raj Party

Dated: 7 Feb, 2009

Dear Sir/Rev,  Acharya Balkrishnan,

At the outset, let me say that we have been honored to have received your above, painstakingly compiled, communication and we thank you profusely for selecting this rather small Goa's Regional Party for the same. However, what is small need not stay small forever, and we believe that this Party has the potential to be 'India Su-Raj Party', God willing.

Rank corruption and dishonesty has been the hallmark of our National Polity since its Independence 60 long years ago. But at Goa Su-Raj Party, we have come to believe that 'CORRUPTION' and 'DISHONESTY' in politics flows from two sides, (1) Through one's natural tendency to be corrupt and dishonest, to feather one's own nest and that of the next of kin, at the cost of the tax-payer, and, (2) The more sinister tendency to be corrupt and dishonest to enjoy total 'power' through wielding of 'religious fanaticism', especially when 'Religion' is termed as the 'Opium' of the masses.

The former can be easily controlled if the naturally corrupt and dishonest person or persons encounters tough stretches to trek in a more stricter, disciplined, transparent and accountable SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE, where the system absolutely refuses to be manipulated as according to the whims and fancies of the rulers in power. Example: The INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS PARTY OF INDIA. However, the later whips-up a naturally emotional passion in the more gullible and multitudinal citizenry of India through uts soft spot i.e. their religious sentiments, to attain power. Example: THE BHARATIYA JANATA PARTY, more specifically Shri. Lal Khrisna Advani, who single-handedly engineered the rise of the BJP through the demolition of the centuries old India's monument, the Babri Masjid. This small and insignificant Party has always voiced its bold opinion across the world through the electronic media that Shri. Advani belongs to the Tihar Jail for this massive crime and fraud unleased, engulfing the entire nation, and not on the seat of India's Prime Minister. Incidentally, the recent acceptance of responsibility for the demolition of the Babri Masjid by the then BJP's blue-eyed boy, now turned a pariah, Shri. Kalyan Singh does not change anything and seems to be the crocodile tears shed to open himself and his kin the endless opportunities to take this nation down. The question is 'who is going to pay for the turmoil that this peaceful nation was subjected to through the devious Rath Yatras and the subsequent demolition of the Masjid??

As a rule, this party believes that there are no bad people in this world. Only bad intensions, if one has a way to get away scot-free. Therefore, the urgent need of the hour is to lay down the bold 'system of governance' where a corrupt person/s cannot survive on the road to governance. And personages like yourselves and your esteemed organization can help tremendously, believing that your intentions are laudable.

This Party believes that in order to force the political parties to field 'clean' candidates, Article '49.O' must be implemented, where the voters have the option to vote for 'NONE OF THE ABOVE'.

This Party is also of the belief that no elected member must enjoy the so called 'OFFICE OF PROFIT' To show the way, this Party has incorporated this feature in its Party Constitution at Art. 38 (freely available to download from the party's website Also, as a glaring example of abuse of this is the resignation of Ms. Sonia Gandhi as the elected MP, recontesting from the very same constituency and getting re-elected, has made no sense where crores of ordinary tax-payer's hard-earned money has been splurged on this unnecessary election, only for her eminence to have saved her 'Office of Profit' and avert disqualification.

The other aspect of the electoral reforms badly needed to cleanse India's polity is " NO SECOND TERM " If this is incorporated, the ever pervasive 'vote- bank- politics' will vanish from the sacred soil of Bharat before anyone can say 'Jack-Robins'. This party has institutionalized the 'No Second Term', where the second term will be allowed only if the constituents so desire. But at no time a 'Third Term' is allowed. This provision will also help bring out young leadership to the fore which always remains frustrated for want of openings.

Your good intentions in circulating the above 'threat' to political parties of the nation is most lauded. We only hope that you will consider that 'CORRUPTION' and 'DISHONESTY' also emanates from acutely fanatical religiosity. India is a declared secular state where every religion has the right to exist and/or propagated with constitutional provisions to arrest misuse thereof. Your vast organization must ensure that RELIGION DOES NOT MIX WITH POLITICS such as what we have experienced at Ayodhya and Godra and now in the recent days at Orissa and Karnataka. After all, citizens of this great nation called India are the integral part of this nation and cannot be, and must not be, discriminated against if this nation has to grow to its ultimate potential to be the SUPER POWER of the world.

Nothing contained in this communication must be taken as offensive and intentionally one-sided. This Party has come into being to prove to the world that 'Politics of Governance' can also steer away from 'Politics of Religion' and remain even-handed.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,


(Floriano LObo)
Gen. Secretary/Spokesperson.

PS: We shall be pleased to go through the Organization's booklet in due course of time.

---Wanted for Goa---
honest ' fighters '
NOT honest ' hypocrites '

(The Recruiting Agents)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

America going Swadeshi

Reading US senate imposes strict conditions on H-1B hiring in TOI, should not this be called the Swadeshi policy of America.

In another news G7 pledges to avoid protectionism, US Congress approved an $787bn economic recovery plan that includes a 'Buy American' clause.

Sure this indicates USA is going the Swadeshi way.


Bharat Swabhiman Trust - Structure, Plan, Objectives & Norms

In case anyone is interested, and in case anyone is having difficulty locating Bharat Swabhiman Trust details (which was recently started by Swami Ramdev), here is the link to the webpage on Divya Yog site.

At the end of this page, there is link to PDF form to join Bharat Swabhiman Trust, to work with Swami Ramdev, and PYPT to do your bit to eradicate corruption.