Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Blog from Microsoft Word

Blogger now has an addin for Microsoft Word, to create/edit posts and drafts right from Word.

Blogger: Download Blogger for Word
Blogger Help : Blogger for Word FAQ and Known Issues
Blogger Help : About Blogger for Word

Have used it just for a few posts, but this is my experience till now.

What I like:
  • No need to visit to post on the blog, just work in Word

  • All the features of MS Word now available when drafting your post – spell checker, grammar check, and formatting too.

  • Works thru the firewall, without any problems

What I did not like:
  • ‘Open Post…’ dialog is not resizable. Moreover the ‘Title’ column too is not resizable. This makes difficult to read the post title, and thus ‘Open Post…’

Guess the issues will be resolved soon, and we will have cool capability to blog from Microsoft Word itself.

Firefox and must have extensions

Quite some time back I moved over to using Firefox. Initially I had some issues (basically related to usage), but now I am Firefox fan. Now, I hardly ever open IE.

Firefox has rich collection of freely available extensions. There an extension for almost everything you could think.

The extensions I use are as follows:
* autocopy
* yahoo companion
* dictionary search
* adblock
* tabbrowser preferences
* mouse gestures
* flashgot
* googlebar
* linkification
* foxylicious
* print preview
* quicknote
* ieview
* targetalert
* greasemonkey
* sessionsaver
* spellbound
* webmailcompose
* live http headers
* aardvark
* download manager tweak
* scrapbook
* duplicate tab
* resizeable textarea
* hit-a-hint
* feedview
* super dragandgo

The ones underlined are must haves.

Thanks to all Firefox developers and Extension developers for developing such a fine product.