Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Three Types of Urgent

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    • We tend to leave everything to the last minute. They on the other hand use all the time that is available to get a project completed
    • We disorderly people do it a different way – we either never get around to doing any of them, or we try to do all of them at once. Either way it’s a disaster. The orderly person’s way is to list the things they want to do and then decide what order they are going to do them in. Then they knock them off one at a time

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another perspective on Valentine Day, and Love

Not sure how you all view or consider the Valentine's day.

However, following is view of Swami Ramdev on Valentine's day.

Note, its quite unlike the absurd reactions of the likes Shiv Sena, or Bajrang Dal. Also quite unlike like crazy saviour media coming to save the unmarried boys and girls having affairs in parks in colleges; Or media showcasing the Valentine's as great event about love. Rather is much more balanced - in my opinion. Do give it a thought, and try to be aware.

Shillong, Feb 14 (PTI) Underlining that every festival signifies the victory of good over evil, noted yoga exponent Baba Ramdev today called on the people to understand the significance of Valentine's Day.
"People are adopting Western culture forgetting the real meaning of Valentine's Day," Ramdev told a press conference after a yoga camp here marking the 175th anniversary of Assam Rifles.
Narrating the story of the medieval Christian Saint Valentine who had fought the royal monopoly over marriage to establish marriage as an institution for people, Ramdev said, "Present generation have forgotten the struggles of St Valentine for granting sanctity to the institution of marriage. He used to quietly organise wedding ceremonies in the churches for the common people." 
"This day is not all about fun. St Valentine spread the message of marriage not that of socio-cultural decadence," Ramdev said.
"Nor it is an occasion to flout love on streets.
To give some still more perspective, following is video of Shekhar Kapoor's interview of Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev - On Love