Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do your part to save mother Earth

Two recently read articles about climate and adulteration…
  1. Climate Change (by one of the best blogger on the net)
  2. Veggies on steroids are softly killing you

Swami Ramdev has been saying one law will change the Bharat (India) in a day…
That strict/severe punishment be given to these five: Corrupt leaders, Terrorists, Rapists, Adulterators, and Pollutors.
Then he went on to say that what is of utmost importance is: Sahi ka samarthana, aur galat ka virodh (support what is right/correct, oppose what is wrong/unwright/incorrect).
Do read the two articles linked above, and become vegatarian to do your part save the world.
(Ahimsa is vital part of Ashtanga Yog)