Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coke and Pepsi are Toilet Cleaners

Swami Ramdev has been telling us for years that Coke and Pepsi are toilet cleaner. Now folks at lifehacker have reported that this has been documented at WikiHow.

One my senior colleague also told me that people in UAE also use Coke and Pepsi to clean car tyres.

Its pathetic, that this dangerous acidic and bone dissolving stuff is made and marketed with such fanfare and millions are spent on its marketing. And the governments throughout the world do not stop it because they are kept satisfied.

Thanks to Swami Ramdev, millions of people in India have almost given up Coke and Pepsi and such other western junk food. There are still many many more millions who still consume this toilet cleaner. Also thanks to lifehacker and wikihow, now many more will leave coke and pepsi