Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another proof that Christian organizations are targeting Hindus

I am 34 years of age, and till the first 32 years of my life I have been mostly ignorant of the Christian aggression to convert, and subvert other religions and such concepts.

Passing by couple of sites today I again found mention of 'Southern Baptist Mission'. This and many such names have come time and again in mention on various sites, regarding Christian aggression to convert and intolerance towards other religions.

I was not sure if all the news was true.

So when today I encountered article Diwali: Satanic Baptists want to proselytize, conquer, convert, and subjugate Hindus, quoting Washington Post 1999 issue, I decided to verify - and it was true.

So now I am sure, and can tell to everyone with still more surety and proof that Christian organizations have evil designs, and there true mission is to convert increase their number. In this process they demean other religions, and even promote terrorism.

Please note I am not saying this of the common Christian man. I am not saying anything against Jesus Christ. Christ was certainly a very great person, and we respect him as we respect Shri Ram or Shri Krishna, but the theology or may be the concept that has been developed in Christianity after Christ is leading to division, is dividing, and breaks societies/countries.

Here is the abstract from Washington Post (and search query)...

Southern Baptists, Expanding Effort, Target Hindus for Conversion

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Hanna Rosin Washington Post Staff Writer   
October 21, 1999; Page A19 
Section: A Section 
Word Count: 424

The Southern Baptists expanded an aggressive new proselytizing campaign this week, publishing a short prayer book aimed at converting Hindus to Christianity. The prayer book is the second published by the Southern Baptists' International Mission Board this year, and has again provoked charges of arrogance and religious insensitivity. Last month, leaders of the nation's second-largest denomination offended Jewish leaders by distributing a book urging its members to

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