Sunday, November 02, 2008

MF Husain should be behind bars

Like many other Indians and Hindus today, I too have been an ignorant for many early years of my life. I am sure that I still am ignorant, but I am waking up to the reality.

One such issue is the entire case about MF Husain's paintings.

About a two years ago, I used to think that Hindu fundamentalists and dividing politicians are against MF Husain for his paintings. However, there was always a curiosity to actually see why there is so much an issue about his paintings. But the busy-ness of life, and the struggle around kept me from actually figuring and going to the root of the issue.

Then I came across Husain's pictures on Hindu Janjagriti Samiti, and Sanatan Sanstha (here) - and I was shocked. The obscene rendering of Hindu deities and Gods, shows (as I believe) that MF Husain is really a sick person. If not sick then he certainly has malafide intention. I am surprised that this person is not behind bars, and still more surprised that media, artists and some elite support him. As far I can understand at this point of time, and by what I have seen, all such work of MF Husain should be burned, and this person anyway be put behind bars, or sent to mental asylum and given some treatment for his sick mind.


  1. I found the paintings and drawings to be tasteful and very artistic. There is nothing wrong with nudity, or portraying gods as nude, for after all, clothes are a human invention, worn out of shame for one’s own body, and occasionally for protection against weather. What god would not actually be nude? A real “god” has no need for clothes, or following strict puritanical ideas regarding sex (if one assumes such gods have human-type bodies and sexual desire in the first place.) There is no blasphemy in this. In my country we would say to those who are so outraged: Get a life! Life is too beautiful to spend time in trying to censor other people’s art and expression.

  2. My dear friend, you are wrong in many ways. First of all 'God' does not have any human body. But to bring the concept of god to the art works, it is mandatory to humanize the concept of GOD with high qualities attributed to it. It is a way of showing respect to god by painting all gods and goddesses with great dignity, beauty and grace which symbolizes great attributes with in us.
    Again, art has space for imaginations, but art work can not be completely out of line with the original work (It must be complementary and only can fill the gaps). In Ramayan, Seeta does not even travel with Hanuman. When Hanuman says that, he can take her to Rama's place within no time, she rejects the offer by citing 2 reasons, one she does not want to travel with para purusha (another person ) and another is , she want Rama to come and kill Ravana and take her home bravely rather than going like cowards. Hanuman understands this and then do a pranam to her and returns. With this background how anybody can justify the picture where Seeta sits behind Hanuman.
    Even if you consider it as an artists liberty, why not nude christian or muslim gods. Are only Hindu gods are subjected to his wicked imaginations?
    Nothing is right, please do not pose like a pseudo artist.