Thursday, November 13, 2008

CNN-IBN a pack of cheats, liars, and traitors

Long time ago when Rajdeep Sardesai used to host Big Fight, I used to find his feat interesting. However, I never liked the term or approach - pitching people against each other, where not much conclusion was arrived. I always considered it to be sort of cock-fight of politicians and outspoken people, and an interesting means for the news channel to increase viewers. The positive side was that audience could some information, and how these leaders look like mud-slinging on each others, and some of their arguments.

However I always had typical feeling about Rajdeep Sardesai. He was impressive, but doubtful.

Now its becoming clear. Time and again he is proving that he is a cheat, and a liar. He believes in sensationalism, and seems to have sold himself.

When CNN-IBN was started, it looked nice and I expected that they will raise the bar, and will show what is good journalism. Then as time passed they proved that the channel is still following the sesationalism philosophy of Rajdeep. This time his wife Sagreeka Ghosh too has added to destructive mission.

What do I have to prove my point? To start with they selectively report and distort, to achieve their purpose. If I go about detailing such cases then I will have to run a blog for just that.

Here, however, is one of various extreme case that must have made everyone very angry - Indian Mujahideen and other terrorists have been using Urdu/Arabic, and text from Kuran, to declare/demand law of sharia. However only a single case where Hindus are involved has hardly surfaced, and still not proved, that CNN-IBN is doing what these brutals have been doing - its trying to associate Hindu rather Vedic icons and symbols to terrorism.


I would not shy from saying that CNN-IBN has evil and partisan designs behind this. They never flashed Muslim Terror, or Green Terror through the various other terrorists attacks (I certainly agree with Muslims who are annoyed that Muslims are linked to terrorism and terrorists have no religion, but there the case is lot different. There terrorists quote and relate and take inspiration from Jihad, a concept in Kuran, probably misunderstood or incorrectly applied by the such terrorists). However Hindus were primarily never involved in terrorism, nor do they ever relate terrorism to their religion because Hindu religion firstly does not have a concept like Jihad, and on the contrary it has concepts to uphold the Rashtra.

CNN-IBN is trying to link the two - vedic icons/concepts and terrorism. The above image shows as if Hindu Terrorists are using the OM symbol in their work - which is absolutely incorrect. This shows the extent to which the media, has degraded and stooped - particularly this CNN-IBN of Rajdeep Sardesai.

Just for the fact, site search of CNN-IBN does reveal articles with the words Muslim Terror, but only in conversations, whereas here the channel is working hard to coin the term Hindu Terror and linking Saffron color with terror by coining the term Saffron Terror. Never was Green Terror, or Muslim Terror was used with such zeal by CNN-IBN as now they are doing to link word Hindu with terror.

Rajdeep Sardesai, if you ever read this, shame on you. You are so very pathetic and such a dreaded evil minded person.

Note how Rajdeep Sardesai makes a point to mention the word Saffron Terror. When in conversation with Hemant Karkare he first used word Terror then repeated to mention Saffron Terror.

Note how CNN-IBN overreactively and zealously want to link terror with Hindus. Just a red line on hazy picture of one of Mumbai Terror attack terrorists is interpreted by CNN-IBN if that could be linked to Hindus. Pioneer later clarified that the terrorists used vermilion and red thread to show off that they were Hindus, to escape Police suspicion, when entering India from sea route.

Note how desperately CNN-IBN want to link Karkare's death with Malegoan investigations, rather wants to blame it on Malegoan investigations. Whereas it could equally be possible that he may have been in political pressure too.


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