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Shivrathri – Meaning by Swami Sukhabodhananda

Shivrathri – Meaning by Swami Sukhabodhananda

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This year Shivarathri falls on Monday 20th February. In this context the following article will be useful to understand the meaning in case you do not know.

Shivrathri – Meaning by Swami Sukhabodhananda

A poor man waited for 10,000 years before the gate of heaven opened; then while he took a little nap, it opened and shut. Ignorance works like this. Our mind gets hijacked by ignorance and the darkness of the night sets in and thus we miss the miracle of life.

This is rathri i.e. night and Shiva means sacredness. Hence Shivarathri means creating sacredness in the darkness of our life.

Rathri or night or darkness in our life has to be seen with understanding.

The greatest darkness or ignorance is that we are against problems. We feel problems create hell in our life. With a little understanding, we can see that it is not problems that create hell in our life but our interpretation to the problem which creates hell. If we say it is not OK to have problems, then it creates hell. But if we view problems as God’s method to make us more alert and sharp, then we become more alive in the presence of problems. This attitude creates respect to a problem.

Many couples complain that due to problems their marriage is not working. I tell them “Look at Siva’s family. His vehicle is Nandi. His wife, Durga’s vehicle is tiger. The tiger is waiting to attack Nandi. Shiva’s son is Ganesha and His vehicle is rat and the snake in Shiva’s neck is waiting to kill the rat. In spite of all the internal family problems, Siva’s mind is calm which is symbolized by the moon on His head and Ganga, the river of wisdom is flowing. So, even the Lord has problems.

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