Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Yogi's World

Whenever Swami Ramdev talks about yog, yogi, dhairya... he often repeats a beautiful, inspiring and a deep mantra from Veda.
Sharing with you all, this nectar of knowledge...

The writing in Sanskrit may be slightly incorrect, and the meaning too may be slightly drifted.
But the main point to highlight are the great attributes - Courage, Forgiveness, Calm Mind, Truth, Compassion, Control of Mind, Knowledge, etc. A Yogi is filled with these, and lives in these.

धैर्य यस्य पिता क्षमा च जननी शान्तिः चिरं गेहिनी
सत्यं सूनुः अयं दया च भगिनी भ्राता मनःसंयमः ।
शय्या भूमितलं दिशाः अपि वसनं ज्ञानामृतम् भोजनम्
एते यस्य कुटुम्बिनः वद सखे कस्माद् भयं योगिनः ॥

dhairya yasya pitA kShamA cha jananI shAntiH chiraM gehinI
satyaM sUnuH ayaM dayA cha bhaginI bhrAtA manaHsaMyamaH |
shayyA bhUmitalaM dishAH api vasanaM j~jAnAmRutam bhojanam
ete yasya kuTumbinaH vada sakhe kasmAd bhayaM yoginaH ||

Meaning: To a yogi, courage is his/her father, forgiveness mother, calm mind wife, truth son, compassion sister, control of mind brother, earth bed, directions (disha) garment, and knowledge is food. With the foregoing as one’s family members, why would be one afraid of anything?

Note: Sanskrit writing, verse in Roman script, and meaning take from Hindu Words of Wisdom [Archive] - Hindu Dharma Forums

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