Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hindi is NOT the ONLY national language of India

Just read Hindi is NOT the ONLY national language of India, but what a pity...

What a pity - we resort to a foreign language if the sense, meaning or interpretation has variation between a nations own language and foreign temporary language.

A foreign language English, which is actually poor and unscientific than many of Indian languages, and Hindi too. Foreign language which does not have any words for many in Indian languages, and in Hindi.

Foreign language in which deep words like Yagya are translated to just 'sacrifice', and then interpreted the same. Foreign language and culture which has no concept of Dharma, and no word equivalent or as deep as Dharma.

What a pity Indians (English word of Bharatiya). What a pity.

Just because of various regional egos, we do not have a national language, which is actually national.
TB Macaulay and the Britishers have really done a great job of keeping the Bharat divided.

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