Sunday, March 29, 2009

Political parties responding to Ramdev's Swiss bank money issue

 Swami Ramdev was speaking about this issue for a long time now. The media reported him on this issue only after Obama got the Swiss banks to task, to reveal names and details of American money in their banks.

Google search reveals that he has been speaking about this probably sine 2005. However he has increased his pitch since Feb 26 this year - after Barak Obama's efforts to get details of American citizens money in Swiss banks.

Since that time, he has been repeating this issue very strongly. He has been saying...

“What are the policies of our national political parties when it comes to black money deposited in Swiss banks?”
“If this money has to be brought back to India, then these parties should announce that they will bring this money back to India whatever it takes,”
“This is one sureshot way through which one will know who is honest and who is not.”
“According to one estimate, money ranging from Rs.50-75 lakh crore (Rs.50-75 trillion/$1-1.5 trillion) is parked in Swiss bank accounts. So I dare them (political parties) to reply to this question. If they can’t reply that means the ranks of these parties are all dishonest, corrupt and they themselves have money deposited in Swiss bank accounts.”
“To bring about a change in its economy following the global meltdown and to bring in liquidity, the US has handed over a list of people with alleged financial irregularities to the internal revenue department. A federal commission there is seeking details of the accounts these people have in Swiss banks.”

Yesterday too, when wishing countrymen on Bharatiya new year, he once again raised this issue, and called for political parties to respond. He repeated that those parties that will not clear their position on this issue, will be the ones we will assume to have their involvement with that money in Swiss accounts.

Yesterday he also quoted the amount 72 lakh and 80 thousand, to be the exact figure of Indian money in Swiss banks.

Now some parties have started speaking on this issue. Reportedly JD-U Chief Sharad Yadav, and now Advani of BJP seem to have decided to make this election issue, and to mention this in their manifesto.

However, the it will be interesting to notice if they really keep their word after elections. But even they try to falter, Swami Ramdev and his Bharat Swabhiman organization, will hopefully bring them to task.

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