Sunday, June 15, 2008

Negative, biased article against Ramdev ji, and my experiment

I had been feeling and noticing that English media (news and television) seems always biased against many Nationalists, and Hindus and Hindu beliefs (may be others too, but I am not aware enough to mention any other group here). Swami Ramdev and his organization and his efforts being one of them.
They seem to always bring out the negative, and it seems that they never bring out anything positive in them.
Then yesterday I encountered this article in about Swami Ramdev and his current running Yoga camp in Yog Gram.
This article, in my opinion, is full of misinformation, and is heavily biased. It is not informative, but suggestive. It seems to have one sided information, and facts and figures have not been produced.
Now, I am not a journalist. I do not watch lots of television either. Besides, I am neither very pro-Ramdev, nor against him.
I am rather a skeptic.
Anyway. So at the start of December 2007, I was passing by TV and noticed Ramdev saying that "Truth is what is examined by you, not what you listen from others. Do not believe what I tell you, instead do it yourself, verify it yourself", this brought an interesting idea in my mind - of trying what Ramdev preaches or claims on myself, to verify his claims. I had noticed Steve Pavlina's Polyphasic Sleep experiment, and thought that may be I get some reality stuff to share on this blog. If nothing I will have Ramdev ji's claims verified.
So, I planned to do just Kapal-Bhaati, Anoolom-Vilom for one month and track the results. The experiment lasted only 2 weeks, and got terminated because of serious career/work crisis (my friends and colleagues at DBI know what I mean). I did not share the findings with anyone except my family. Now for the first time I sharing it in public:
  1. I started feeling very light,
  2. I had proper and regular motions,
  3. lost 2 Kg of weight (85 to 83), and
  4. Was energetic than before
After the career turmoil had somewhat subsided, I was on some soul-searching, and some inside-out exercise. In the process, depression crept in, and later I also noticed weakness all over my body. I used to feel sleepy during morning in weekdays, and also when driving to office. Did not feel like going to work, and had pain in body all throughout the day. But all this time my soul-searching, and inside-out exercise continued.
When I noticed that my body was getting heavily taxed, and depression was taking serious toll, I again thought of starting the abandoned experiment.
So I started again at the start of May and have been following since then. Here are the findings till now (consider it one month):
  1. I am more health conscious
  2. Have lost another 2 kg of weight (83 to 81), without any dieting
  3. Have given up tea (my intake was at least 3 cups of tea, with biscuits)
  4. Occasional constipation has not recurred ever since second week of May
  5. Depression is gone
  6. I had a problem since last one year, that my right leg ligaments behind knee, had acute pain when I used to get up after sitting for long hours - it is almost gone
I think my findings are pretty substantial, or rather very substantial. I am very happy that I did this experiment.
Of course, those who do not know me in person can think that I am framing may be some part of it. But if my friends in Lucknow or relatives want to verify then they could contact my family. And I am sure they should have noticed at least the reduced weight over this month.
So basically I am saying that as far as I am concerned, I tried it on myself and got good results. Whereas the article gives very negative outlook of Ramdev and his efforts. Its extremely biased, and looks full of misinformation. Please do not believe, what you just read, unless its from a authentic and reliable source. Instead as Ramdev ji said "Truth is what is examined by you, not what you listen from others. Do not believe what I tell you, instead do it yourself, verify it yourself"

Today is 18th Feb 2009, and now my weight is 75 kg. And still I have not changed my diet yet, nor reduced it. Its really a suprise that every time I do Kapal-Bhaati Pranayam for about 2 weeks in row sincerely for about 45 mins each day, everytime I lose about 2-3 kgs of weight.

The weight loss has been slow because I have been irregular or skipping pranayam many times.

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  1. Nice article, all the media is against Hinduism and i came to know about this from this data.
    that is why they always target Hindu siants not anyother.

    Control of Media (full or partial interests)
    a) The Hindu, India’s National Newspaper: Joshua Society, Berne, Switzerland
    (It is said that Hindu editor N. Ram’s wife is Christian)
    b) NDTV: Funded by Gospels of Charity in Spain
    c) CNN-IBN: 100% Funded by Southern Baptist Church
    d) The Times of India Group: Owned by Bennet & Coleman; 80% funding from
    WORLD CHRISTIAN COUNCIL, (and the balance 20% is equally shared by an Englishman
    e) STAR TV: Supported by St.Peter’s Pontificial Church, Melbourne, Australia.
    f) HINDUSTAN TIMES: Owned by the Birla Group, but working in collaboration
    with the Times Group.
    NEW INDIAN EXPRESS (SOUTHERN EDITION). Acts Ministries has major
    stake in the Indian express